Meet Zoe

After a process in which we got to meet a whole bunch of exciting people, Zoe Bloss will be joining us as Assistant Producer on Outpost 2015.  We asked her to write a few words about the season…

Hello, I’m Zoe and I have the pleasure of working on Outpost 2015 as the Assistant Producer.  Cue applause, balloons and happy music!  I’m very excited to be on board with the Outpost team for a fun filled season.

I’ve been asked to write a little something about myself so I’m going to start off by saying I’m a Drama graduate from Kingston University who now works as an actor, facilitator and producer in the South West.  I’ve worked with the National Youth Theatre and Complicite and performed at festivals such as Edinburgh Fringe Festival but I now primarily work in Devon.  I am a huge advocate for the Arts in the South West, which is why I am really happy to be involved with New Model Theatre.

I already know this year’s Outpost is going to be a unique experience but I’m most excited to see the audience reaction to the shows because we have some brilliant productions coming down.

Apart from that, the only thing you need to know about me is I like reading, karaoke and watching bad reality TV.

That sums me up perfectly.  See you there!