Outpost Commissions – What They Said

With just under two weeks left to submit a proposal to our Outpost 2014 Commissions, we’ve raided the archives to find out what last year’s commissioned artists, Running Dog Theatre and Drake’s Drummers, had to say about their experience of creating a show for the season.

Outpost 2014 gave Running Dog Theatre Company a unique opportunity to craft our new production ‘To Alexander (Who could only see the sea)’. The funding and support provided throughout Outpost helped us give sufficient time to the project, an opportunity to present our work in front of a new audience in the South West as well as encourage us to take risks within our work. Outpost is key to the development of Plymouth’s arts scene and essential to supporting local artists to help them strength their craft.

Sian Keen, Running Dog Theatre

Outpost was run with a real community spirit and brought theatre to one of the most beautiful areas of Plymouth, the Royal William Yard. I feel the season helped grassroots theatre in the area grow and develop as well as bring in some successful touring companies that the local community may not have otherwise had the opportunity to witness. As a commissioned artist it has allowed myself and my new company to grow. With the commission we were able to purchase costume and sets that we would not have otherwise been able to afford and have been able to continue working on this and other projects to continue our growth and development, a lot of this would not have been possible without the Outpost 2014 commission. In short Outpost 2014 was, I believe, a great success and thoroughly enjoyable to be a part of.

Pelham Grosvenor-Stevenson, Drake’s Drummers Theatre Company

More information about how to submit a proposal for Outpost 2015 can be found on our Commission Call Out blog.  If you’ve got any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tom at tom@newmodeltheatre.com