A Change of Plans…

Running Outpost at the Royal William Bakery has been great fun, but not without it’s challenges – we’ve been working hard since day one to transform a working bakery into a theatre for each evening’s performance.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are things even we and our amazing team of helpers have no control over – and for once, we’ve been stumped. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have to cancel tomorrow (Thursday) evening’s opening performance of Parliament Town  – but fear not! Performances on Friday and Saturday will still be going ahead, so we strongly encourage you to book tickets – as we now have one less performance, we’re expecting more people at each of those two performances. We’d hate for you to miss out – so don’t hesitate to book!


If you’ve booked for tomorrow’s performance, we’ll be in touch to arrange to either exchange tickets for another night or for a refund – and if you knew anyone who was thinking of coming along, let them know they can join you on another night!

These things are part of the nature of pop-up theatre – but so are amazing, responsive audiences.  It’s been hugely humbling the amount of people who’ve come down to join us for the shows so far – and we’d love to see you again for either Jack Dean’s Threnody For The Sky Children tonight or Parliament Town on Friday and Saturday to help give Outpost a fitting send off!

Thanks again,

Tom, Dan and Conor
Team Outpost