Plymouth Theatre Scene – Where Do We Go Now?

Contrary to what’s in the season brochure, we won’t be hosting BETA at Outpost this Wednesday (15th October) but we will be doing something equally, if not more, exciting!

We’re inviting theatre makers/artists/companies from Plymouth (and beyond) to join us and dream up the future of the Plymouth Theatre Scene.

Just under a year ago, twenty artists gathered in the Bread and Roses to discuss the future of small-scale and emerging theatre in Plymouth.
Twelve months later we’ve seen many successes – a swarm of artists heading up to Exeter Ignite, TRP’s Forge season, numerous touring shows coming out of the city and now Outpost. As we currently have the luxury of a space, we’d love to invite artists together once more to discuss how we build on these successes and continue this momentum over the next year and beyond.

We’re hoping to pull together some panelists and presentations to provide a little structure to the event – if you have anything you’d like to contribute or suggestions then please do let us know (, although NMT are happy to host, we’re keen to make sure it’s a useful, interesting event for everyone and so would be grateful of any suggestions!
It would also be great to see new artists, as well as audiences, come along and find out a little more about the scene in Plymouth and how they may be able to get involved.

This should be a really celebratory and inspiring evening as we look to the future to see what, together, we’re able to achieve.

Let us know you’re coming by responding to our Facebook event here: