Static at Ignite, Exeter

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday saw the first showings of Static at the Bike Shed Theatre as part of Exeter’s Ignite Festival.  We’ve had some lovely audiences and the show has been better received than we ever could have imagined.  This year has seen the launch of the festival’s Wildfire Magazine, which gave Static its first fantastic review (below) followed by kind words from editor Belinda Dillon on her festival blog.

“If Static is anything to go by, the New Model Theatre Company is going places and destined for a blistering tour round the summer festivals. Static is a single-hander with audio clips but it’s no monotonous monologue. Writer-director Tom Nicholas has honed an intricate thematic web into a sharp, spare script. His mouthpiece, Boy, is played by a puckish Hugh McCann with mind-blowing energy and great audience contact.
Static is a 21st century coming-of-age fable moving from the Twin Towers atrocity to the Millbank occupation where thousands of students protested against tuition fees. The play tracks Boy morphing from solitary ant-murdering primary-schooler into more or less socialised nascent activist via shootings, bombs, bank crises and a toe-curling teenage party.
Boy is a solitary being whose main reasons for living are television news and perfecting the art of aloneness. HIs lack of need for peer support and his obsession with the Newsnight studio would be believable were he an archetypal geek, but Boy is no shuffling somnambulist incapable of eye contact and fiendish with facts. He is an athletic, engaging ball of energy exuding warmth and humour.
It is to the actor’s credit that he pulls it off. McCann communicates with his audience in a special way. He invites us into Boy’s world and we follow him because it’s interesting and funny and may be tragic. Boy gets his bloody nose and his world changes. This is a show that you won’t forget in a hurry – definitely dynamic, not static.”
Anna Marks | Wildfire Magazine | 4th June 2013

Thank you to everyone that came along to the show and all who have said kind words on Twitter and Facebook.  Feel free to continue to let us know what you thought!

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Since finishing Static we’ve had the chance to catch a whole range of great shows in spaces across the city.  Although we’re pretty tired, currently we’re looking forward to celebrating another brilliant Ignite at the closing party this Saturday.

Exeplorer MapsTom and Hugh checking out their maps for Exeplorer on Saturday.